“You’re gorgeous,” he said.

“Don’t tell me that, show me,” she said.


How do you show someone that she is gorgeous? He had a peculiar answer for that.



Made her breakfast, homemade sausages shaped like ‘G’. Accompanied with her favorite latte. If she was flattered, she did not show any sign of it.


Asked her to marry me. With a round ring, she said she would think about it. She was not impressed.


Gave her a necklace made by a famous jeweler with a letter ‘R’ on it, for her name and the letter ‘R’. She finally smiled at me, but it was still a just-friendly smile.

mental note to self: need to show how willingly I am to sacrifice for her.


Made her her favorite cookies, all ‘G’ shaped in a ‘G’ shaped box. She thought it was store bought, but still seemed happy. I think she is starting to like me.


Running out of ideas. Sent her an ‘E’ shaped box filled with paper cranes. She did not look happy. Can’t she see that I’m going crazy over her??


Wrote a love letter to her, accompanied with her favorite chocolate cake, its circular in shape. She did not read the letter in front of me, wonder how she feels…


Arranged ‘i love U’ on her office desk. Her colleagues laughed at her, she was not happy.


She was reading the news when suddenly she saw a big ‘S’ on one of the breaking news. She could not speak for a few moments and when she regained the ability to talk, she  started to cry.

Headline read:



She never had a hard life, yet the reality of life made her suffer.

Despite her age and maturity, she had never really sweated (but she was not fat). She never though that one day, after years of spending cash like flowing water, she had to learn to save and make money. To buy something, though what she intended to buy was not that costy, but she had to work hard for it.

I once asked her, “Are you sure it’ll be worth it?”

With that confident and a bit arrogant smile, “I am certain.”

So there goes the quest of hers, her smooth hands started to become rough — a result from washing too many plates, she said that she needed quick money, though I never thought it was necessary. She spent time working for hard earned cash, rather than buying the latest fashion wears.

She really changed, to a better person.

As her best friend, I knew everything and associated with her lies to her parents. For the question of morality here, we both thought that keeping her parents in the covers will be the best choice.

After a few months of dishwashing, she got enough money to buy a calf. Her new pet, she told her dad. We can get free milk, she said to her mom. Nearing to success, she told me. This is not the end of the story.

Somehow she had the tendency to buy the calf the best grass to graze on and proceeded to more sweat-trickling jobs. It was not long until she had a lawn at her family’s backyard all to the going-to-be cow.

Actually, her parents knew the truth, because I verified the facts for them, well half of it. They did not know that their pampered daughter will sacrifice this much in the name of love.

She had mysophobia, she hated touching livestocks. Yet she was milking the cow rather clumsily, a novice apparently. Then she processed the milk with a method she discovered from the meagre supply of books in the library. She was very near to success by then.

The only thing now that could be detrimental to her pursue would be time.

They had not met since he wanted her more mature, more independent. She wanted him to wait. He agreed. It was painful for both of them, especially him, he did not know how long the wait would be. He was afraid that she might change her mind. He was afraid that he would not see her again. He was afraid that he might regret what he have said (he did, a little). He was scared that he could not love her anymore.

None of them broke their promise to each other.

Right from the smell of it, he knew that she worked hard. He was a bit broken looking at her now not-so-perfect hands and clothes from the last season. Yet the look on her face was unmistakable, she have changed. For him. The cheese would be the proof, that was his favorite cheese which was specially formulated and the production for it stopped years ago, she recreated heaven in his mouth. And in his heart.

With the new her and her handcrafted cheese.

It was worth it, I declare.