[continued from STAGE ONE- PLANNING (TO PLAN) ]

Only a genius plans.

– J

So, after careful thinking, these are the steps for me to follow:

1. Prepare.

2. Execute.

And lists of things to accomplish:

1. Strong but not so much prominent muscles.
2. Fast, to run away quickly.
3. Endurance.
4. Not so tanned skin.
5. Body that could recover quickly.
6. Facial expressions shall not betray myself.
7. Able to disguise myself as different characters.

1. Do not easily give up!
2. Always remember the ultimate goal!
3. Authorities are not as smart as me.
4. Do not leave any evidence behind.
5. Be prepared for action all the time.
6. Never forget to be good too.
7. Success always come to me.
8. Do not fall for anyone.

1. How to pick a lock.
2. How to speak in different accents.
3. How to makeup.
4. How to be innocent.
5. How to talk to everyone.
6. How to transform into another gender.
7. (waiting to be updated)

1. Leather clothing.
2. Portable electronic devices.
3. Sturdy rope with hook.
4. Diamonds.
5. Transformable briefcase/suitcase/backpack
6. Digital watch.
7. 90% dark chocolates.
8. Makeup set.
9. Stationery.
10. Sterilization equipment.
11. Isolation headphones.
12. Manufacturer-untraceable notepads.

This is the initial list, when now I am still an amateur with exactly zero experience.

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