[continued from PROLOGUE]

With successful planning, I already win one-eighth

or zero point one two five

or twelve point five percent of the battle. –J

Ok, now I’m battling against myself, shall I plan with an electronic device or just the traditional pen and (lots of) paper?

For the former, I could ask for a custom-made e-Floor, that is, a floor that is actually a huge screen running the latest OS on the floor. If I were to go with this option, the size of the floor shall fit a quarter of my Chamber of Wits. Approximately 20 metres by 20 metres shall be enough I guess? The plus point for a digital plan is that I could always expand my thoughts limitlessly and effortlessly. And creatively. And colorfully. Not-time-consumingly. Artistically. Awesomely. Fantastically. Nicely. Beautifully. Slickly. Cutely. Heavenly. Deliciously (where did this came from?!) Ran-out-of-adjective-ly. Yet it requires a lot of time to build a new floor, and should it be touch-resistant or not? Or do I need to wear special clothing to operate the machine? Fine, scrap this.

For the latter though, I would be contributing to deforestation which in turn leads to a temperature rise and finally global warming and later melting icebergs and then a rise in sea level and oh my gosh my house will be flooded and I will lose everything. Of course, traditional is always best as I will get that amazing feel on that piece of writing material, a white paper, with an extremely large size. The thickness shall be just right, perhaps 0.2mm would be nice, the texture, ah the texture…it shall be smooth but not until the point where I could trip on myself. I would even prefer it slightly scented with a mild foresty smell. That’s heaven, but please put in mind that I would be using those to plan for hell. Next the pens, multi-colored, brightly colored ones! Well, we remember better with colors, I certainly do not want to forget any details. Plus, I could flaunt my creativity with colors and maybe one day these ‘crime blueprints’ or you could just say ‘evidence’, would be exhibited in a glamorous gallery, hopefully in a nearby future (I hope I am still alive and well by then, so that I could visit and admire my masterpiece again).

The verdict will be: the humongous and smooth and flat paper and the colorful pens.


[continued from My Vow]

There is a criminal in everyone’s mind.
— J

Yes, I can do this.
Well, at least I couldn’t see why can’t I. Yes, you can punch me in the face straight to my nose and make me bleed for my arrogance, if you dare so.

You see, I have everything. All of the qualities to be what I want to be (the ultimate criminal).

I have, youth, the most important of all, wealth (equally important), wits (very important too), physical fitness (super vital) and plenty of resources (the most vital of all).
I am perfect and almost fictional.

My Vow

I vow,

To be the ultimate criminal,
To be the most feared of,
in the past, at present or in the future,
To train,
To prepare,
before starting a reputation,
To call myself J,
J for justice,
To achieve all of the above,
and call it justice.

I vow to complete My Vow.