[continued from STAGE ONE- PLANNING (TO PLAN) ]

Only a genius plans.

– J

So, after careful thinking, these are the steps for me to follow:

1. Prepare.

2. Execute.

And lists of things to accomplish:

1. Strong but not so much prominent muscles.
2. Fast, to run away quickly.
3. Endurance.
4. Not so tanned skin.
5. Body that could recover quickly.
6. Facial expressions shall not betray myself.
7. Able to disguise myself as different characters.

1. Do not easily give up!
2. Always remember the ultimate goal!
3. Authorities are not as smart as me.
4. Do not leave any evidence behind.
5. Be prepared for action all the time.
6. Never forget to be good too.
7. Success always come to me.
8. Do not fall for anyone.

1. How to pick a lock.
2. How to speak in different accents.
3. How to makeup.
4. How to be innocent.
5. How to talk to everyone.
6. How to transform into another gender.
7. (waiting to be updated)

1. Leather clothing.
2. Portable electronic devices.
3. Sturdy rope with hook.
4. Diamonds.
5. Transformable briefcase/suitcase/backpack
6. Digital watch.
7. 90% dark chocolates.
8. Makeup set.
9. Stationery.
10. Sterilization equipment.
11. Isolation headphones.
12. Manufacturer-untraceable notepads.

This is the initial list, when now I am still an amateur with exactly zero experience.

A love letter by an alien, to an alien

Hi you,

We met last week in school, you were training to use laser guns and you accidentally shot one of my ears off. It grew back, no worries.

I…have a confession to make.

Even with my cuboid dysfunctional brain, I could conclude that, I love you.

Your eyes, one at the front, one at the back, one on the left, another on the right, are so perfectly placed I fell in love with it.
Your nose, so tiny and barely visible yet I could see it through my magnifiable vision. It is cute, I would like to pinch it (sadly, i am born with claws and don’t worry I will not hurt you with it).
Your ears, so beautiful. I remembered seeing it in the Earthling Biological Science textbook, you have ears like the Earth creature called, voila, elephant. It is so beautiful.
Your mouth, perfectly round yet so cute. I would like to kiss that very much, I truthfully wish that you would give me the chance to do so even if my lips are a perfect square.

I love your everything.

Your smile, although your lips are still a circle when you smile, but I can tell it when you smile, I swear. It is always heartmelting.
Your attitude, hot and cold, polite and rude, you are always different at times. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you have disociative identity disorder. I just love the way you are.
Your skin color, pink and green checkered boxes, matches my turquoise and orange stripes. See, we were bornt to be together.
Your running around in my head and taking of my precious time, I think of you everyday, every minute, every second, every millisecond, every nanosecond, even every picosecond.
The way you walk, so graceful, leaving a slippery trail and the sweet smell of you. I just don’t understand why other people hate that smell and slime. I just know that I love you.

I promise you, I would make you the happiest person in the Universe.
I would hold you until whenever.
I would never let go
I would love you.

Even with my cuboid dysfunctional and lovedrunk brain, I could conclude that, I love you.

Would you consider giving me a chance, pretty pretty please?

True love,